MELT MAN is a series of organic hair and skincare products designed for men. 


How does the MELT MAN beard oil differ from others on the market ?

Unlike other beard oils MELT MAN beard oil offers pure premium organic oil blend. There are no filler carrier oils that does not benefit the hair or skin. 


How do I use the beard oil?

Apply 2-3 drops to your beard daily. Comb to distribute + groom. 


How can MELT MAN protect my skin under my beard?

Our beard oil contains pure camelina oil that is optimal for healthy skin and known for it’s high vitamin E content + skin preserving properties. 


How does the MELT MAN body butter benefit my skin?

Infused with an antiperspirant ingredient, MELT MAN skincare is designed to moisturize your entire body while managing perspiration.


When do I use MELT MAN body butter?

Use as a daily body moisturizer. Can be used multiple times daily so, take it with you!

Relaxing results after showering. 


Will MELT MAN products disagree with my current colognes?

No. Our MELT MAN products are infused with fresh scents that will actually compliment and not interfere with your current cologne @ skincare regimen. 

You may email us to request unscented products. 

For all other inquiries please feel free to email us @ meltformenproducts@gmail.com